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Image Credit – Francis Dean/123rf.com

Those 24 hours before giving birth can be an interesting time, to say the least.

For those who go into labour naturally, they can be caught out in the middle of an outing, or sitting at home, watching the clock and waiting.

While those with scheduled births can plan their life according to that all-important hospital appointment.

My mum had three caesareans, so she always spent the 24 hours before giving birth tidying up and doing chores, to make sure everything was in order.

MIX 106.3 Breakfast Co-Host Kristen Henry has a friend with a slightly different story..

Kristen’s friend got her make-up and hair done before her scheduled caesarean, so she’d look great in photos! Hey – each to their own, right?

It prompted the brekkie team to ask listeners – what were you doing 24 hours before giving birth?

Kristen & Wilko had some interesting calls..

A post on the MIX 106.3 Facebook page also attracted a range of stories..

“Working, I was even sitting through a board meeting while in early labour. They asked if I was ok and I replied I’m just in labour I’m fine I’ve got hours to go, please continue.” – Kimmy

“I took our big dog to Yass and did an obedience class with him in the middle of the Yass show ground. I went into labour about six hours later.” – Belinda

“A friend was out on a lake in a row boat the day she gave birth.” – Cass

“Walking around my horse paddock removing weeds during labour.” – Sharon

What were YOU doing 24 hours before giving birth? Share your stories at our Facebook page!

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