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Image Credit – Luca Bertolli/123rf.com

Aldi has been crowned the nation’s cheapest supermarket, with CHOICE finding it’s better value than Coles and Woolworths.

Shoppers can save nearly $80 a shop by making the switch!

So, how did CHOICE come to this conclusion?

They wrote a shopping list of 33 items, grabbed some bags and hit the supermarkets to find where the biggest bargains were.

A basket of leading brand products cost about $170.54 from Coles and $168.74 from Woolies, excluding specials.

The basket of Aldi brand products came to just $102.50 – a saving of about $66-$68.


Image Credit – choice.com.au

That’s nearly HALF the price – assuming you’re prepared to forgo well-known brands.

You can even save as much as 59% if you go for more budget options at Aldi.

In other interesting findings, the selection of leading brand items Aldi does stock, are still cheaper than the same ones at its competitors.

Buying Cadbury chocolate, Streets Blue Ribbon ice cream, Arnott’s Tim Tams, Coca-Cola, Moccona coffee, Cobram Estate olive oil and Kleenex tissues would cost about $41.75 at Coles, $42.83 at Woolies and just $33.15 at Aldi – a saving of at least 23%.

The CHOICE investigation also found the priciest place to shop is at independent chain IGA, which charged 5-7% more than Coles and Woolies for an identical basket of leading brand items.

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