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Image Credit – ambrozinio/123rf.com

Canberrans have the shortest commute to work in Australia, yet we spend the most on our cars each week!

According to the latest ABS stats, the average commute to work for Canberrans is 11.7km – while residents in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane all average about 15km.

Overall, the Census information shows the average Australian commuting distance to work is 16km.

In terms of how locals are getting to work, 83% of Canberrans use their cars, while public transport is the most used option in Sydney and Melbourne.

In other interesting stats, it looks like Canberrans also spend the most on their cars each week compared to those around the country.

According to a Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics report, households in Canberra spent $208 a week on owning and operating cars in 2015-16.

That’s compared to $181 per week nationally.

All of these stats indicate locals are pretty comfy behind the wheel!

With light rail coming on board in the capital, it will be interesting to see if these numbers change, or if Canberrans keep using their cars.

Will you keep using your car when light rail is up and running? Have your say at our Facebook page!

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