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by Georgia Duck 

Winter in Canberra can be particularly cold and wet due to its height above sea level and other science reasons, but the long and short of it is that winter school holidays are often spent working through the surprisingly extended catalogue of Shrek. So here are some alternatives to keep everyone sane these holidays.

Canberra has some pretty awesome landmarks that are free to explore and super interesting. It’s a gold coin donation to go to the Australian War Memorial and have a walk around. The Memorial has heaps of interactive exhibitions as does Old Parliament House and many other awesome Museums, Galleries and shows at the Canberra Theatre.

Share your favourite card games with your mates and family, if things there get a bit stale; introduce playing for matchsticks to light a spark in more ways than one.  There’s one on one games like Speed as well as games for larger groups like Queen B and of course the classic, Go Fish.

Learn magic. Most people have a go to party trick usually involving cards or tissues or a hidden dove, but the internet is a vast and glorious thing. Spend the day nailing a real impressive trick to whip out when the sun returns and people go out again.

Venture out into the desolate abyss of ice to get some ingredients from the shops. Once you’ve gathered all the goods cook up a feast of something awesome. This may not be the most exhilarating thing to do but its time consuming, rewarding, and delicious, and you may discover your kids have a hidden talent in the kitchen which they can pursue on television and make you squillions.

Challenge each other to create the costumes of famous people, characters, movies or shows using things around the house and give it a guess.  A Prime example could be raiding the cupboard and walking around with a potato on your head… Mr Potato head would get the point there, M.A.S.H would also be accepted.

Find some old sheets and set up an indoor assault course in your house, everyone gets a Nerf and a bullet limit and let what happens, happen. This one is extra fun if it’s in your friend’s house and not yours.

And finally, perhaps the ultimate rainy day activity for you to do this school holidays. Go out to the country to stay in a massive old mansion and find what appears to be an ordinary closet while playing a game of hide and seek. Hide inside and slowly walk deeper into the closet, confident your siblings will never uncover your awesome hiding spot. Turn around to find you’ve discovered a magical land stuck in a century’s long winter full of strange creatures and danger, of which you and your siblings are the prophesised saviours. Discover it’s called Narnia and its rad.

Happy School Holidays. 

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