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Canberrans often boast about how they live in the greatest city in the world.

Well now we have the official bragging rights, thanks to a very impressive accolade!

Canberra has been named the #3 city in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel Cities list for 2018!

And that’s not an easy feat…

It’s come from the experts at Lonely Planet whose mission is to inform and inspire travellers about the best places to live and visit around the globe.


And now we know what Canberrans have always known in their hearts, that our wonderful city is right up there with the world’s best.

Canberra comes in second behind Detroit in the USA at #2 and Seville in Spain at #1.

We beat Hamburg in Germany at #4 and Kaohsiung in Taiwan at #5!


It’s one in a long list of accolades Canberra’s received over the years. Some of the others include:

-       Highest quality of life in the world according to Numbeo rankings in 2017

-       Most liveable city in the world according to the OECD’s rankings in 2014

-       First jurisdiction in Australia to celebrate our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community with a Reconciliation Day public holiday

-       Only state or territory in Australia on track to achieve a 100% renewable electricity target

-       Largest free public wifi network in Australia

-       Fastest growing city in Australia according to the latest census

-       Best university in Australia with the QS Rankings putting ANU at #1

-       Most active population with the highest rate of sport and physical activity participation in Australia

-       Largest network of cycle paths of any city in Australia

-       Only parliament in Australia being governed by a female majority

The list goes on!

But one that is now expected to top that list and receive world-wide recognition, is of course, Canberra being named the #3 city in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel Cities list for 2018.


Image Credit – Ari Rex/Facebook.com

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