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An 11-year-old Canberra girl has been awarded the trip of a lifetime thanks to her impressive invention.

Bella Winfield is set to head off to NASA in the US after being named one of the winners of the national littleBIGidea competition.

She came up with the idea to use raw sugarcane pulp as a plastic to make toys, so they’re more sustainable and recyclable.

Check out her video submission..

Bella’s one of three young students out of over 1,000 awarded the trip to NASA for their creative ideas.

“Our three national winners are outstanding examples of how young people can solve for some of the world’s biggest problems in creative and innovative ways,” Head Judge Dr Jordan Nguyen said.

Between them, our three national winners have come up with clever, inventive ideas to help people with disabilities and address the issue of pollution and wastage. These winners and all our finalists are inspiring and show that the future of innovation in Australia is in good hands. I look forward to seeing the next exciting steps that each of these young inventors take from here.”

Well done Bella! What an achievement! 

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