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Harry Potter’s Dudley Is COMPLETELY Unrecognisable!

Harry Potter fans will never forget Dudley Dursley, the cruel, chubby cousin who tormented the boy who lived under the stairs. 

But if they were to walk past him in the street, chances are, they wouldn't recognise him! 

Harry Melling, 26, appeared as a special guest on British chat show The Wright Stuff, shocking viewers with his slimmer frame, grown up features and wild hair. 


Melling contributed to the conversation about the EU referendum and other headlines of the week. 

When asked about how he felt to be cast as 'the fat kid' in the Harry Potter films, he responded saying "It's so weird talking about it now because it seems like a lifetime ago but I consider it a great thing that I've now sort of changed my image for what of a better word into something that isn't recognised as the person I was when I was 10. 

"Actually I'm really proud of it in a weird way, I don't really mind it."

Over the course of shooting the films, the weight consistently fell of Melling. 

In fact, he was almost recast for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part One. Instead, costume directors put him in a fat suit so that he could maintain Dudley's chubby look. 

In 2014, the star shocked fans, posting a photo of his transformation on social media after reportedly dropping 30 kilos. 


Neville Longbottom has also had a dramatic change since his Harry Potter days, shocking fans with a drastically different look on the cover of Attitude Magazine mid 2015. 



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