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8% Of Us Are Doing Something BIZARRE In Public Bathrooms

Bathrooms are known as a place to go and relieve yourself. Often, people bring a little bit of entertainment with them if they know they’re going to be a while.

You’ve probably seen the memes about bringing your phone with you when you expect to be in the bathroom for quite some time…

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Taking your phone with you to the bathroom is not that uncommon. In fact, our phones tend to go wherever we go! 

Usually, when people bring their phones with them it’s to browse the web and keep themselves entertained. However, some people might watch a cheeky YouTube video or better yet, stream some Netflix!

New data from Netflix reveals that 8% of Aussie users are streaming their content in bathroom… but it’s not the personal bathroom of their homes. This small percentage of people are streaming Netflix in public bathrooms! That’s higher than the global average of 7 percent!

Who does that? More importantly, why do it?

It may be perfectly acceptable to binge watch a bit of television on your own private toilet but taking it to a public stall just leads to questions that need to be answered.

Maybe this is why the lines in public bathrooms are so long...

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