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Trendy Cot Recalled After Receiving Dismal Safety Score

The All 4 Bubs Lunar Oval cot has been recalled after being called “one of the worst cots” ever.

Following a report by Choice into the trendy cot, the ACCC issued a recall after the product failed to comply with mandatory safety standards.

Retailing for $449, Choice scored the cot zero out of 100 after finding it posed real safety issues, including head and neck entrapment.


Choice’s Tom Godfrey said the findings backed up the need for mandatory Australian Standards for cots and mattresses.

"Whether it's dodgy cots or flimsy mattresses, kids' safety has to be the priority. It's clear a number of companies are putting profit first," he said.

Parents are being advised to stop using the cot immediately and contact All 4 Bubs for a full refund.

All 4 Bubs Lunar cot failings according to Choice:

  • The ends of the filler bars can be pulled out of their sockets in the top and bottom rails.
  • During the strength test, the filler bars detached from the top and bottom rails, causing a fall risk. The rubber pieces at the tips of the filler bars were detachable and small enough to cause a choking hazard.
  • The cot poses a head and neck entrapment hazard.
  • The sample failed the stability test and the castors lifted off the floor.
  • The instructions are not clear and complete and there is no information on the external packaging.
  • Major safety failure: There are no safety or informative markings on the cot.

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