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Easter Kids Craft Ideas

Looking for something to keep the kids entertained this Easter?  We've done all the legwork and found our favourite Easter craft ideas that are sure to keep you and the little ones amused!


Why not make your own yarn basket to store Easter eggs in!  Even better, these cute baskets can be used after Easter for anything your or your child's heart desires.

What you need: A bowl, plastic wrap, yarn and elmer's glue.

Find out more at eighteen25.blogspot.com.au


Cute and practical these bunny bookmarks would make a great gift to say thank you to the grandparents for all those Easter eggs!  If bunnies aren't quite your style, why not think of making other animals, such as a cat, dog or ever a bilby...

What you need: Thick paper, laminate sheets, scissors, pipe cleaners, wire clippers, hole punch, photo.

Find out more at marthastewart.com


Slightly more complicated but definitely worth the effort, this origami bunny bunting will make for a stunning decoration around the home.  The best thing about this idea is that you can tailor it to suit any time of the year simply by changing the origami figure!

What you need: Origami paper, natural twine, needle, white pom poms, hot glue gun.

Find out more at hellobee.com


Who said tennis balls were only for sport?!  With some clever alterations you can turn those old tennis balls into a chicken or duck that will continue to entertain you kids when they are forced to come inside.

What you need: Glue, craft foam, tennis ball, googly eyes, pom-pom, craft feathers, permanent marker.

Find out more at spoonful.com


Turn your child's collage, drawing or painting into a more permanent work of art that doubles as a placemat!  Get creative and experiment with different shapes, sizes and colours to create a dining setting that shows off your children's talents.

What you need: Thin cardboard, scissors, contact and materials to decorate.

Find out more at kidspot.com.au


Not only will these finger puppets be amusing to make, they'll keep your kids entertained for hours after!  While we've only shown bunnies, why not expand the family to include a chicken, cat, dog... even a whale!

What you need: Felt, embroidery thread, tapestry, fabric marker.

Find out more at purlbee.com


Be green and recycle those egg shells while growing your own seeds this Easter!  Imagine how proud the kids will be when they see the first sprouts emerge... or when the use their own eggshell herbs to garnish dinner.

What you need: Egg carton, eggshells, seeds, soil.

Find out more at marthastewart.com

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