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How This Woman Lives In An Eight Square Metre Apartment

One of the more written-about issues with Sex And The City and Friends isn’t about continuity errors or whether the individuals were likeable or not.

It’s the size of the living spaces - in particular how overblown these Manhattan apartments were for the characters that had seemingly limited means, rent-controlled or not.

Perhaps a more cost-effective option would be for Carrie Bradshaw to live like Felice Cohen.

In 2010, she lived in the Upper West Side of New York, within walking distance to some of NYC’s greatest attractions, including Central Park.

At the time, the average rent for an average flat was about $900 per week.

However, Cohen paid only $175 a week in rent.

But to do this, she had to forgo just one little thing…

Her compartment apartment was just over eight square metres.


As a professional organiser, Cohen totally practiced what she preached. And while many of us could possibly tolerate a lofted bed… her ‘kitchen’, or the lack of one, could be far more of a challenge.

Check out the video below to see how she made it work.

Video credit: Kirsten Dirksen

Reproduced with full permission

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