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Monogrammed Dog Collars Are Now A Thing

With companies such as The Daily Edited kicking up a social media storm with their monogrammed goods, it’s no surprise that multiple other companies have popped up over time offering their own take on monogrammed products.

Hobie Collective from Sydney are one of the companies that offers some different, personalised products. What sets them apart is that they cater to all genders and creatures.

If you’re a fan of the monogrammed aesthetic and wish your pooch could match you on your Instagram, you’ll be pleased to hear that Hobie Collective are tapping right into that idea. 

They’ve produced a monogrammed collar for your fur baby!

If you want the bond to be even stronger between you and your fur baby, you can pick up a matching bracelet. The bracelet looks exactly like the collar but smaller and more subtle. 

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The matching human and hound set costs between $100 and $150. Money would be no issue for those who love their pup more than anything or anyone else. 

As the saying goes, money can’t buy happiness… but it can sure buy sweet matching human/hound friendship collars! So get your set here.

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