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The Wedding Gift Request Guaranteed To Have You Fuming

First it was the wedding registry that had people groaning.

Then there was the wishing well.

However, it’s the latest wedding gift trend that is guaranteed to cause the most noise.

Because couples are now requesting their gifts before they even head down the alter.

Think of it as crowdfunding… for weddings.

PreGifting is a new site launched to help couples achieve the wedding of their dreams, with a little help from their guests first.

The site claims the idea allows guests to give the Bride and Groom what they really want “a dream wedding day without all the financial stress”, helping to make the day even more special.

Cue, inward groan.

According to PreGifting, “once a few guests find out that they can give their gifts early, others will be excited to do the same”.

Guests are not only encouraged to help fund the day, but create thoughtful videos and written messages to go with their monetary donation.

While we love the idea of joining in on the celebration, it does raise a few questions on our behalf.

For example, what if the happy couple never make it down the aisle? Or even worse, they head for splitsville?

And if you found it stressful enough trying to work out how much to stash in the card for the wishing well, imagine that same stress when you have to actually face the couple on the day!

Could a spiteful Bride spike your meal? Or perhaps you could find yourself going without altogether.

Sure it may sound extreme, but let’s not forget those tales of couples letting all hell loose on guests who didn’t cover the cost of their meal…

Or maybe we’re just getting a little ahead of ourselves.

Do you think pregifting is the perfect solution for budget conscious Brides and Grooms?

h/t Mamamia


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