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The Must-Know Advice From Police To Keep Your Kids Safe

It’s no secret kids can be as tricky as magicians. Give them a second and *puff* - they disappear.

There’s been a number of tips over the years to help parents and kids when they get split up.

Kids are often told to wait where they last saw their parents, while parents are told to write their contact details on the child’s arm.

However, it’s this latest piece of advice from a Californian Police Department that caught our attention for its sheer brilliance!

Taking things to the next level, they advise using liquid band aid to ensure your contact details don’t rub off during the excitement of a day out.

They also encourage parents to take a photo of their child on the morning of an event – meaning you can share not just what they look like, but what they were wearing.

It’s easy to understand why this post has gone viral.

h/t: Mamamia

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