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This Mum Dressed Her Baby Up As Harry Potter

If you thought you were obsessed with Harry Potter you’ve got some competition. Self-confessed super fan, Kayla Glover, decided the best way to pay tribute to her love of the boy wizard was with a stunning photo-shoot of her beautiful baby Lorelai.

She said it was pretty easy transforming her little three month old as she was blessed with big eyes and dark hair. All she needed to perfect the look was some big round glasses, wand and a Gryffindor scarf.

The doting mum takes monthly photo-shoots of her adorable daughter. While she’s dressed her as Minnie Mouse, Ash Ketchum and Cruella de Vil, Kayla says her favourite shoot is still her Harry Potter one.

Source: Kayla Glover Photography.

Source: Kayla Glover Photography.

"They are still to date my favourite images of her," she revealed to the Huffington Post.

"I am excited for the day that I can introduce these books to her and hope she loves them as much as I did."

It’s definitely not the last little Lorelai will see of Harry Potter. Kayla says now her hair has turned a bit ginger she’s thinking of transforming her into one of the Weasleys for her next shoot.

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