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This One-Minute Bubble Wrap Trick Will Keep Your Home Warmer

In the middle of winter it can feel like there’s ALWAYS a draft coming from somewhere..  Heaters can definitely keep things toasty, but cold air always manages to creep through your closed doors and windows.

Professionally insulating all of your windows costs a fortune, but thankfully, YouTuber AlaskaGranny has come to the rescue and shared a genius hack that costs almost nothing; all you need is water and bubble wrap.

This trick can be used on any window, but it’s best for the smaller ones near your entryway. You'll need to cut a piece of bubble wrap the size of the window you’re insulating, spray some water on the glass and the bubble side, and with the smooth side of the wrap facing you, press the bubble wrap on the window. In just a few seconds, the bubble wrap is stuck tight on your window and that sneaky cold air will stop coming in.

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