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You Can Now Buy Disney Princess Kitchenware

Sometimes cooking at the end of the day can be the last thing that any of us feel like doing.

Now in our experience, there are two sure fire ways to get over this funk. You could always 'Whistle While You Work' to pass the time, OR you could purchase some of this Disney princess themed kitchenware that is so gorgeous it'll have you literally running to the kitchen!

Le Creuset, a world-class kitchenware brand, has designed the gorgeous kitchen utensils that are inspired by than none other than two of our favourite OG Disney princesses.

You'll be inviting people over to be your guest in no time after you see the Beauty and the Beast-inspired line of pots that come in Belle's two favourite colours, yellow and blue.

And of course they feature the iconic Enchanted Rose as decoration to give your food a magical touch!

But if sweet isn't your style there's also a fiery red pot in the shape of the poisoned apple from Snow White that comes with a matching tea towel featuring the seven dwarves.

One bite is all it will take from any meal cooked in this dish to make people fall in love with your cooking! But you'll need to provide your own prince charming if any of your guests happen to fall asleep afterwards...


The Belle kitchenware has been on the market since earlier this year and the Snow White collection will be released on November 17th, leaving you plenty of time to hint to your loved one that you want both sets for christmas.

Unfortunately, they're currently not available to be shipped to Australia...but maybe it's for the best because cooking like a princess doesn't come cheap. The smaller version of the pots retail at around $72 while the bigger ones come in at a whopping $300 from LeCreuset.com.au.

I'd kind of be expecting my Belle set to come to life and cook for me if I'm going to pay that much...


But that's the price you pay for royalty I guess...happy cooking!

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