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Driver Illegally Parked Gets 'Vigilante Justice'

Here’s a lesson one driver won’t forget easily.

In a simple experiment conducted by National Geographic, motorists who parked illegally in a disabled space were given “a taste of their own medicine”.

This is how they did it.

A man posing as a disability van driver with his ‘passengers’ rides around town looking for someone who has parked without the proper permits.

Once they find one, the van blocks the offending vehicle in and, moving at a glacial pace, helps his wheelchair-bound passengers from the van.

In this instance, the driver of the illegally-parked vehicle appears almost immediately, realising she'll have to wait until all the passengers are out of the van.

 “I think the word is sheepish,” the host of the experiment says of the woman from inside the van.

“I’m so sorry,” the woman tells the van driver as he pushes the first of his several passengers from the van to the restaurant.

“I can move my car now,” she says.

“Yeah, I don’t think you can,” the van driver replies as one-by-one he takes his time.

Check out the video by National Geographic here…

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