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Has The Reign Of Aldi Ended?

There’s no denying Aldi has been a supermarket powerhouse since coming to Australia.

You only need to see the line up outside a store on a new catalogue day to realise just how strong a following they’ve created.

However, it seems the company may have lost some steam with new figures showing the chain’s market share going backwards.

It’s the first time the retailer’s growth has faltered since they came to Australia.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Aldi’s east coast market share dropped to 11.7 per cent in June. In June 2015 the store held a 12 per cent market share.

The news comes despite Aldi opening new stores across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Figures also show the company’s sales grew by just 0.4 per cent in June compared to the same time last year. Overall market growth is 3 per cent.

It’s been suggested the data may show that Aldi’s market share has “hit the ceiling”, although the supermarket is quick to put those claims to rest.

When asked about the figures, an Aldi spokesperson said that data is traditionally measured in quarters – which showed the chain was still experiencing growth.

Photo: AAP

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