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An Ice Cream Store Just Got Fined $3,000

A tourist who was charged $40 for an ice cream in Florence, Italy, has ended up having the shop fined $3,200 after the police were called.

The Taiwanese holiday maker complained about the price of his cone but was told ice creams cost heaps ‘because they are tasty.’

He ended up paying 25 Euros for his ice cream, before his Italian tour guide called the police.

Officers then found on arrival that the shop has concealed it’s price list behind the counter and imposed a fine of 2,000 Euro ($3,200 AU).

Police offical Elio Covino, told La Repubblica 'Hiding prices is very common and is a habit that creates a poor impression around the world, given that tourists are the main victims.’’

So, if you get overcharged for an ice cream, it might be worth taking it further!

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