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Apparently Starbucks Misspells Your Name On Purpose

You may or may not have fallen victim to it yourself, but Starbucks has quite the reputation for its employees' interesting spelling techniques.

But now a new viral video is suggesting that Starbucks are actually misspelling your name on purpose, and for a very clever reason.

Because every time someone gets a venti chai mocha latte with a funny version of their name, they tend to post a photo of that Starbucks logo-emblazoned cup straight to social media.

And that means free advertising for the company with very, very little effort. 

Clever, huh?

It is, of course, just a theory though, so it could just be us not speaking very clearly/ someone not hearing us properly/ the off-chance that someone hasn't heard the name Amy before.

But we kind of prefer the first reason. 

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