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Arnotts Just Collaborated With THIS Major Company And You Wi

Arnotts + Peters Ice Cream = SWEET, SWEET HEAVEN. 

If you have a sweet tooth, than this is the news for you.

Across our vast Nation today, you can pick up some seriously amazing dessert mash-ups.

The Peters site has all the goss, but to give you a little tease - the Iced VoVo mash-up includes "marshmallow, coconut, raspberry jam and vanilla biscuits." YUMM.

You can also buy Caramel Crowns in a tub – “which is an indulgent and cool mix of rich chocolate, gooey caramel and biscuit. It’s the famous chocolate, caramel biscuit combination you have been waiting for.”

Hopefully there are more of these delicious mash-ups to come….

I’m a kingston’s gal myself…


(Main image courtesy of Arnotts) 

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