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Britain Panics Over Marmite Shortage

UK supermarket chain Tesco is running perilously low on Marmite, and people are freaking out.

The dwindling numbers of the popular yeast spread, which usually sparks arguments when compared to Vegemite or Promite, is due to a row between the supermarket and Unilever, its supplier of Marmite.  

Unilever is trying to charge Tesco an extra 10 per cent for its goods due to the pound’s fall against the euro and the dollar following the vote for Brexit in June, according to The Guardian.

The news has not been taken well by Marmite lovers, which lead to the hashtag #MarmiteGate to trend on Twitter and jars being advertised on eBay, one is reportedly for sale for £100,000.

“Rare jar of Marmite,” says one listing.

“This is a very collectable, rare jar of Marmite. Used, half full. Some butter and/or crumbs are mixed with the contents.”

Dan Cookson, a UK housing market specialist who has a thing for data, created and tweeted out a helpful Marmite map.

Other products supplied by Unilever that are also diminishing on shelves include some tea bags, washing powder, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and Lynx body spray.

 That last one could be considered a blessing, TBH.

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