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Cadbury Launched 370 White Chocolate Creme Eggs

Do you love you a tasty Easter treat? Us too. 

Do you love a HUNT? Think Charlie’s hunt for the Golden Ticket… oh yeah, we’re IN.

So when we heard that the cheeky sods at Cadbury’s had gone and released limited edition white chocolate versions of our favourite Creme Eggs, we were shook.

What’s so cheeky about that you ask?

Well, they’ve gone and wrapped the eggs in the same foil that the original eggs come in, making it practically IMPOSSIBLE to find one.

And turns out, there’s good reason.

The exclusivity of the eggs means that they’re worth QUITE a bit - up to $2000 in fact.

They are available to find in stores now until April 1 - though it hasn't been definitively answered where the eggs can be found

Can't hurt to look, right?


Source: Daily Mail

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