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Fancy Some Fat-Infused Water?

Forget the coconut water, there’s a new health food alternative on the market – FATwater.

While it goes against everything ingrained in us, according to the creators there’s logic in this bottle.

“We were tired of drinking sugary coconut concoctions and ‘sports’ drinks. The insulin spike and resulting crash leaves us craving something better, so we created FATwater…” the drink’s website explains.

“Experience clean-burning fuel from quality fat instead of sugar.”

Powering up with #FATwater 💧💪 @cobrafitnessclub + @crosbytailor #fatforthought #fatforfuel ✨

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They also promise the drink is vegan, paleo and gluten-free.

According to Good Food, the new drink is from the creator of the Bulletproof Coffee craze – where people added butter to their coffee.

Available in four flavours – unflavoured, orange, lemon and berry, the drink is comes premixed and as a concentrate.

Are you convinced?

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