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KFC Are Now Marinating Their Chicken In TABASCO

Feeling hungry? It’s about to get a little worse… KFC have today brought two legends together; KFC Extra Crispy Chicken and TABASCO® Sauce.

The world-first recipe originated here in Australia, and took over TWO YEARS to perfect. The fusion sees your mouth experience a taste of the deep south.


It’s pretty much the inevitable combination we can’t believe took THIS long to arrive.

From TODAY, you can get your hands on the dynamic duo in store at 620 KFC stores nation-wide, and we have a feeling your taste buds will thank you.

To trap in the spices of the famous TABASCO® Sauce, the chicken is marinated for a minimum of 24 hours, providing a fresh, sizzling and punchy hit that really brings the heat.


“We are incredibly excited to be able to launch KFC marinated in TABASCO® Sauce in Australia,” said Catherine Tan, CMO KFC Australia.

“The meeting of these two legends has been a long time coming, and the flavours are like nothing KFC Australia has created before. This recipe is exclusive to Australia, and one of the most unique products KFC has created - we can’t wait for customers to try it.”

For those with mouths of steel, KFC will also be offering ‘Blister Packs’ of TABASCO® Sauce, to add that extra, spicy kick and really make you sweat.


KFC marinated in TABASCO® Sauce will be available as a Boxed Meal, 3 Piece Box and 4 Piece add-on to all group meals and is available from 18 April – 15 May from all stores Australia-wide.

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