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KFC Has Just Launched The Most Bizarre Product

KFC have dealt out some interesting food of late and this new tasty delight is no exception.

After the great success of the infamous ‘KFC candle’, the Colonel and his crew have decided to launch another bizarre product.

With Mother’s day around the corner, KFC New Zealand have created 50 packets of limited edition artisanal chocolates.

The choccies will be infused with their Original Recipe or Hot and Spicy Seasoning

Of the 50 boxes, 30 are being delivered to KFC fans and the other’s will be up for grabs on the company’s Facebook page.


In case you were worried that these weren’t luxurious enough, the Original recipe is topped with 23 carat gold leaf flakes.

According to Stu Jordan from Kako Chocolate, the masterminds behind the sweet, the hot and spicy are ‘not for the faint of heart’.

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