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Meat Cakes Are Here For People With No Sweet Tooth

If you define yourself as a savoury type rather than a sweet type, meat cakes might be right up your alley. It’s definitely a weird combination of words to hear and even weirder to actually see.

Feast your eyes on this:


The meat cake featured above in all its glory was from the premiere party of Amy Seders’ new comedy series, At Home With Amy Seradis. It’s basically just a tower of deli meats with a few little garnishes here and there that would typically be found in any decent cheese plater.

The cake was front and centre at the party as it features on her new show, but it turns out that meat cakes are actually huge in Japan.

Wow a Meat cake! Would you prefer this kind of cake? #cake #meatcake #uniquefood

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Yep, that’s a cake of a raw meat! A lot of these meat cakes in Japan are served when people celebrate at yakiniku restaurants. The meat is piled up as display and then cooked before it is eaten. 

Time to see if this trend kicks off elsewhere around the world. It’s certainly something different. 

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