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Nutritionist Recommends Ordering TWO Burgers At McDonalds

Isn’t it a wonderful thing? Being TOLD to order two McDonalds burgers? And by a nutritionist no doubt?

It’s like the ultimate gift.

Well, Nutritionist and registered dietitian Emily Field told Business Insider that if you have to go to McDonalds, the best option is to order two burgers instead of just one Big Mac and chips.

According to Field, it’s all about getting the balance of nutrients right - and chips just aren’t the best way to go, nutritionally [not taste] speaking.

The problem is, chips are high in fat and carbs - but low in protein.

'By swapping the fries for a second burger, then, you're nearly doubling your protein intake while reducing the amount of fat and carbs you're eating,' Business Insider reported.

'Since fast-food is already high in fat and carbs and pretty low in protein, this simple switch could help steady your blood sugar levels.'

Even though two burgers contains more calories, it’s the way to balance your blood sugar.

Apparently balancing proteins, fats and carbs is more effective for weight loss than calorie counting.


Source: Daily Mail

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