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15 Old School Beauty Hacks Reimagined

Sometimes you just have to kick it old school.

Beauty icons like Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and Grace Kelly have had their secrets to beauty revealed and revamped into a handy list put together by Femail.

1. Sea Salt Baths

Having a sea salt bath flushes out infections and leaves skin soft, unless you want to smell like a bag of potato chips, try a sea salt bath bomb.

2. Baking Soda to Whiten Teeth

Before the toothpaste's of today, ladies of the 60's used to rub baking soda into their teeth and then rinse. These days you could add lemon and peppermint oil to make the taste better and use 1-2 times per week.

3. Strawberries to Clean Face

Ladies of the 60's used to blitz strawberries in a blender to wash their faces. The pink colour gave their faces glow and left the skin smelling sweet. These days, add banana and honey to the strawberries to make a face mask.

4. White Eyeliner Inside Eye

A technique make famous by Marilyn Monroe, using white pencil on the inner water line of the eye makes eyes pop. Blake Lively is a huge fan of this trend. Add a pastel-coloured  eyeliner to update the look.


5. Mint Leaves For Dark Circles

Sophia Loren was all about having wide-awake skin, a tip to banish dark circles was applying mint leaves under the eyes. Now, just dab a small amount of toothpaste under eyes before bed.

6. Perfume on Hairbrush

With this beauty hack, a feminine smell can follow you with each swish of your hair. On the market now are fragrances especially formulated for you hair.

7. Petroleum Jelly on Eyelids

Petroleum Jelly on eyelids was a vintage version of eyelid primer to keep eye makeup on all day and night. Urban Decays's eyeshadow primer potion is a great 21st Century replacement.

8. Cold Water Treatment

Joan Crawford used to splash her face with ice cold water 25 times every morning to keep her skin taut, but if you can't stand the cold use a lemon cleanse to achieve a fresh glow. To make your own add sugar, warm water and lemon juice.

9. Olive Oil on Hair

To keep hair looking lustrous, olive oil was applied to the ends after shampooing. These days try a smoothing serum hair treatment once a week.

10. Two Shades of Blusher

Back in the days of black and white photography, high cheekbones were a must. To fake it, Grace Kelly used to shades of blusher, a lighter shade for the bone, and a darker shade in the hollow. These days, we call it contouring and Kim Kardashian is a pro. Apply a highlighter on the cheekbone and your regular blush in the hollow.


11. Embracing Porcelain Skin

Before fake tan came into play, supple, flawless skin was desirable. Make sure you wear the proper sun protection to keep your skin from harmful UV rays.

12. Crushed Rose Petals For Cheeks

When suitors would present a bouquet of roses, ladies would rub the petals together to get a liquid and use it for a rosy glow. To cheat the look try mixing petal liquid with a clear lip gloss.

13. Homemade Rollers

To get perfect voluminous curls, ladies used to wrap damp hair around strips of fabric and leaving overnight. Update the look by spraying with a sea salt spray to give texture.


14. Beer Shampoo

Rinsing hair with beer shampoo was thought to give hair more body and weight because of the hops and barley. But if you'd rather not smell like the local pub, invest in a good quality hair treatment to use once a week.

15. Talcum Powder

Greasy hair effected leading ladies too, and talcum powder was the solution. But a beauty hack for the new age comes in the form of dry shampoo - Batiste do an awesome range for ladies with different hair colours.

Photos: Getty & Instagram

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