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Beauty Blogger Reveals She SHAVES Her Face Before Make-Up

Have you even wondering why your make-up doesn’t look perfect, day in day out?

Well you might be doing something wrong by forgetting a vital step: shaving your face.

Now don’t get freaked out, but shaving your face before make-up application is becoming a sweeping trend - and many of the best in the business are on board.

Our very own Aussie Chloe Morello is an advocate, she’s just announced.

In a new video, Chloe reveals that she has “peach fuzz” that runs in her family. 'Sometimes I find that the foundation I have doesn't come out with the finish I want... it doesn't look perfectly fine and even if I've got a lot of hair on my face,' the brunette beauty said.

'I am a woman but it runs in my family to have severe peach fuzz from here down. My body is confused it's like "I kind of want to make hair but I kind of don't want to make hair" but I actually shave my face.

'Sometimes I use a regular razor (not the same one as I shave my legs with) and sometimes I use this smaller one so I can get the fine areas around my mouth and around here.'

She shot a video showing how it’s done and revealed that she uses a different razor to the one she uses on her legs.

‘Shaving your face is not scary guys. It does not come back thicker, it does not come back black... all that happens is that your face is as smooth as a damn dolphin,' she said.

'I know that it's a trend happening now and I'm totally on the bandwagon because it makes a huge difference when applying your foundation.'

Would you ever do it?!

Source: Daily Mail

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