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Is This The Most Ridiculous Thing To Photoshop EVER?

Let’s face it, armpits aren’t the most attractive body part.

They’re pretty much neglected apart from having the hair occasionally torn from them and some deodorant dabbed on top.

Even its name is the pits.

However, the armpit is having a moment and the internet is standing in solidarity with this hidden and often forgotten body part.

You see it all started when Maxim India released its latest cover featuring Priyanka Chopra.


There was something oddly strange about the cover girl’s photo.

Namely her armpit. Or lack thereof.


The Indian actress and activist’s armpits had been photoshopped to oblivion taking away the pigmentation, shadows and folds of skin we’re so used to.

People were quick, and rightly so, to point out just how ridiculous and completely unrealistic a standard the airbrushed image created.

Others even revealed their own armpit related insecurities - because they thought this WAS the norm.

And really, when you compare her real armpit to the photoshopped version, you have to wonder... was it really necessary?

h/t: Buzzfeed; Photo: Getty

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