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Is This The Strangest Eyebrow Trend We've Ever Seen?

Ahh Eyebrows… we pluck them, tattoo them, even cover them in glitter.

With all the tools and tricks on the market, we thought we had seen it all when it came to nailing the perfect brow, but boy we were wrong!

What was originally created and posted as a joke make-up photo by makeup and instagram star Stella Sironen, feather brows have taken the beauty industry by storm overnight.

No, we’re not talking feather touch brows like most of us know the natural tattoo method to be, we are literally talking brows that look like bird feathers….

As its names suggests girls all over the ‘gram are parting their brows horizontally down the middle to replicate a bird's feather,

Looking much more like costume make-up from a Narnia trailer, this takes natural wild brows to whole new level!

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