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Michelle Bridges: "Stop Fat Shaming"

Photo: AAP

Michelle Bridges has slammed the latest trend for fat-shaming.

The Biggest Loser trainer said fat-shaming was clearly not the right message for promoting fitness and branded it "unhelpful".

Fat-shaming has been a hot topic in the media recently as The Daily Telegraph was accused of fat-shaming Seven Network's Sunrise presenter Samantha Armytage by publishing photographs of her running errands, and talking about how she is groomed by a team of stylists to appear on the breakfast show.

The article spawned a debate that the paper was "fat-shaming" the presenter, though the journalist never actually mentioned the presenter's weight or size.

On the issue of fat-shaming, Bridges said it wasn't a helpful way to encourage anybody to get healthy.

"As long as you're healthy, it doesn't matter really what shape, or size or height you are," Bridges said while appearing at the Nickelodeon Awards in Sydney.

"We all need to check in with regards to the food that we're eating: the kind of foods that we're eating and the portion sizes we're eating, but as long as you're getting consistent exercise and you're eating healthily, by shaming someone it's just unhelpful in every way," she said.

Photo: AAP

The fitness guru also spoke positively about the Seven Network makeover show Bringing Sexy Back - which is presented by Armytage - though her fitness show The Biggest Loser is broadcast on rival Network Ten.

"I watched a bit of it, it was good," she said.

"Some of the transformations were great."

She also said that any show like that that encourages people to "get moving" was a good thing.

Bridges recently appeared at the opening of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival and was pictured wearing a revealing Jayson Brunsdon dress which exposed her decolletage with its daring cut-out.

Bridges said she didn't mind what other people may have thought about the daring dress.

Photo: AAP

"I'm happy to get dressed up, if somebody lends me a beautiful dress to wear, so whether someone likes the dress or not, I actually don't care," she said.

"I loved that one I was wearing, it was fantastic."

"But with fashion I'm a big believer that you can't take yourself too seriously. You've got to have fun with it," she said.


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