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Pregnancy Fashion: Celebrity Style

With the wonderful news that Kim Kardashian has given birth to a baby girl, her first child with rapper boyfriend Kanye West, we asked Woman's Day Fashion Editor Rebecca O'Hearn to take a look at five very different women with five styles of fabulous maternity fashion.

Kim Kardashian:

A killer colour like red and the beautiful glow of a woman who is with-child is a combination to be reckoned with. Find your favourite colour and wear it boldly and proudly! A geometric lace print paired with a red lip is daring but works here as everything else is kept simple- hair loosely back and a beige heel.

Kim’s slight neck collar is well-suited to anyone wishing to draw attention up from the bust. This look requires smooth sheer underwear but can work for all sizes to celebrate the miracle that is the tiring, emotional, yet brilliantly beautiful pregnancy. 


Kate Middleton:

Going through pregnancy as the worlds most watched women would not be easy, however Kate has (unsurprisingly) not stepped a foot wrong. Given that she does not presently have a large bust or stomach, empire line dresses compliment her bump beautifully. They delicately accentuate that prized baby belly wonderfully; whereas if both the bust and belly were at “full capacity” these dresses would cut in and bounce out too far, creating an extreme silhouette. Once the pregnancy is further along for fuller breasted women, opt for a loose shift dress with cute fringing at the bottom to draw the eye down. Props to Kate for ticking off the monochrome trend while pregnant and extra points for those gorgeous (almost eighties) polka dots.


If you like your pins let them be seen! Pregnancy takes complete ownership of the mid-section so offset that with exposing a little bit of leg in a sweet shift dress. Fergie’s dress isn’t a sky high mini but it’s a short enough length to remind us that she is still as sexy as ever. What truly makes this work is her mid-length sleeve to counteract the short skirt length for the more demure expectant mums and the bling-tastic accents for the G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S life.


Evan Rachel Wood:

Typically one to opt for a dark and edgy look, Evan Rachel Wood cleverly maintains her quirky style with this floor length black number and softens it with a floral design and gorgeous fifties hair. She gets away with this as a maternity dress due to her long slender figure (even while pregnant, the lucky duck) and perfectly cropped hair. Longer locks would make this look dowdy and a shorter mumma would get overwhelmed in all of that fabric and just end up looking wider.

Maya Rudolph:

The hilarious “Bridesmaids” star has completely nailed pregnancy fashion. While many of us like the idea of a long sleeve, full length smock dress while pregnant, you should never drape yourself in that much fabric, let alone while you have a little someone else on board. The way Maya has one shoulder and arm exposed breathes life into what could have been an overwhelming look; the small slit at the bottom will reveal some leg as she walks and is smart, sexy styling. The dark tones in this print work better rather than contrasting colours which are too busy for a gown with this much fabric. Just like Maya, let the bump do the talking.


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