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The Worst Blackhead Video Ever!

Another pimple popping video from Dr Pimple Popper is probably the biggest blackhead we've seen!

Dr Sandra Lee aka Dr Pimple Popper explains the lump below the woman's navel is a large blackhead containing compacted skin.

Blackheads are small bumps that appear on the skin due to clogged hair follicles.

The video, titles One Lone & Large Blackhead, has racked up over 270k views on her infamous YouTube channel.

She captioned the video: "This patient of mine was coming in for her yearly body exam and I noticed this pretty big bump on her suprapubic area - the area on the lower abdomen just above the genital area.

"She had been told by her other doctors this was a lipoma [a soft, fatty lump that grows under the skin] or a cyst.

"It had been injected by something (I'm thinking a steroid), but it didn't go away." 


Dr Lee injects a local anaesthetic around the blackhead, and the patient reveals she's had it for about three to four years.

When the patient comments about it being in a "crazy place", Dr Lee replies: "Anywhere you have skin - or even more so, hair - you can get them."

H/T Daily Mail

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