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This Woman Got An Infection And It's Horrid

This is GROSS.

An Aussie woman has spoken out after her face erupted in infected pustules caused by false eyelashes.

Kaity Hull, 21, spent $80 on lashes from what she calls a ‘dirty salon’.

“I thought it was $80 well spent. Until the next day - my face felt tight and itchy and my right cheek was red,” Kaity said.

Initially she thought it was an allergic reaction, however, when white pustules spread over her face, she realised it was an infection.

The infection, she later found out, was a staphylococcus infection which multiplies in the body.

Kaity contacted the salon where she had her lashes done and they said it probably was “teen acne”.

She reported the salon to the Local Council who swiftly shut them down.

Kaity wants everyone to ensure to check for cleanliness and make sure the tools are individually sterilised.

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