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We Know What Little White Dots On Your Nails REALLY Mean

If your mum ever told you that the little white spots that pop up on your fingernails every now and again are due to a calcium deficiency, she was wrong.

Imagine, a mother being wrong! Wonders will never cease. 

Milk spots, as they're commonly referred to, are actually the result of a careless bump or knock to the nail bed and have nothing to do with how much cheese you may or may not be eating.

If you've given your nail a baby bash, the damaged cells collect together - forming that white spot - and slowly but surely move up your nail as it grows.

The condition is known as Punctuate Leukonychia and isn't normally a symptom of anything serious; it can, on occasion though, point to a fungal nail infection or be indicative of a past feverish illness, when the body tries to conserve energy by focussing on things other than shiny-as fingernails.

The more you know, huh?

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