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Woman Waits 10 YEARS to Show Off Her Before-And-After Photos

A Sydney dancer has recently taken to Instagram to share her side-by-side photos of how her body has changed over the course of ten years.

Tara Swinfield, admitted she used to destroy old pictures of herself because she felt embarrassed but has now used the opportunity to share her transformation after finding old photos at her parents’ home.

“All of a sudden I was confronted with years of images that I tried for so long to conceal,' she wrote on Instagram.
“But I could see how unhappy I was and how completely uncomfortable I was in my own skin,” she said. “It broke my heart.”

Tara added that when she got to the picture she shared of herself at 21, she 'got completely overwhelmed and started crying'. 

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'I just sat there... bawling... How was I this girl?' she asked. 'How was I ever this unhappy, unhealthy young woman that was staring back at me?'

Although she noted that she wishes she knew then what she knows now and 'made her health a priority', her past is also what motivates her.

'That is why I bust my a** every day!' she explained. 'That right there. That is my motivation. I do this for me and for the girl that I used to be.'

Tara changed her life and got healthy in 2008 after a dance auditioned judge told her she was the best dancer in the room, but she wasn't going to get hired because she needed to lose weight.

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Sharing the two side-by-side snapshots on social media, she has reveled that although her physique is leaner now, she actually weighs seven pounds more because of the muscle she has packed on.

“I'm currently the fittest, healthiest and happiest version of myself and I'm only continuing it grow stronger both physically and mentally.” She has said.

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