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WTAF Is Going On With Forever 21's Latest Fashion Accessory?

Get ready to LOL your little bums off, because Forever 21 have taken their accessory game to a level that we didn't even know existed.

Chokers, you'll agree, are having a ~serious~ moment; actually, anything even remotely related to the '90s is back and bigger/ badder than ever.

But the American-based fashion chain appear to have taken that bigger/ badder thought process and just run with it, coming up with a choker so frickin' chunky, it looks like a straight-up neck brace.


Like, Regina George probably wore something similar when she was transitioning out of that floral-wrapped contraption, just to make sure she was well and truly recovered before she started playing sport.

Twitter, obviously, called bullsh*t.

And neither do we. 

It looks like Forever 21 have pulled the item from the website, though, so sadly we may never get to see this trend taking off.


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