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You'll Never Guess What's Lurking In Your Beauty Blender!

If you've ever wondered what's lurking inside your beauty blender you're not alone. People around the world have been satisfying their curiosity, cutting their sponges in half and posting the results online. 

Youtube Doyoulikecookies shared the interesting result online, telling users it's not actually as gross as you'd think! 

"I've always been curious how clean the inside of the sponge could actually get. For some reason I always thought it would be dirty in the middle, or even worse moldy! I decided now was the time to satisfy my curiosity and took a pair of scissors to the lil guy," she wrote. 

Source: Pinterest 

"The results surprised me! Besides the two spots I couldn't seem to get clean, it was spotless! So, now you know!”

Source: Pinterest 

Who knew it would be so clean!?

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