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Foldable Pillow Will Let You Have A Comfy Sleep On Plane

If you’ve ever flown on a plane and attempted to actually sleep, you’d be familiar with how difficult it can be. The seats only recline so much, you’re in a cramped space, and finding a travel pillow that allows you to rest your head comfortably is near impossible!

Luckily, FaceCradle have released a travel pillow that comes with a little bit of an upgrade. The design is quite simple and features two “U” shaped pillows that are joined together by an adjustable and lockable hinge, which basically makes it a foldable pillow.

The unique design may resemble a toilet seat a little bit, but it enables the user to sleep in five different positions. 

第一次試用,由起飛瞓到降落,正! #平民艙恩物 #facecradle

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A FaceCradle travel pillow will set you back $59.95 and is available here.

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