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Is This The DUMBEST iPhone Cover EVER?!

A passenger was stopped at Stansted Airport last week for carrying one of the most inappropriate phone covers we've ever seen.

Considering all that is going on in the world at the moment with gun violence and taking into account how difficult the job of a security officer is at an airport you'd have hoped this passenger would have known better.

But no, Stansted Security discovered a gun-like phone cover on the man and quickly confiscated it.

Turns out THIS is what was in the man's back pocket. How irresponsible was this??

The passenger could be facing charges relating to a public order offence or potentially Possession of Imitation Firearm in a Public Place.

An Essex Police spokeswoman said: “Essex Police was informed by Stansted Airport security staff that they had dealt with this incident during the routine screening of a passenger’s carry-on bag and possessions."

Souce news.com

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