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Moment Airport Worker Grabbed A Smoking Bag In Busy Airport

A security offical at Orlando International Airport, Florida, has been labelled brave after he grabbed a suspicious bag that began smoking and move it away from crowds of passengers. 

The below stills from CCTV footage show the incredible moment agent Ricardo Perez picked up the unattended case and placed it between two pillars to absorb a blast if it exploded, The Sun reported. 


Perez told News 6, “There were folks all over. Bag went and started smoking. I approached it, I radioed and then picked up the bag and brought it over to that handicap sign over there in hopes that if it would go off, it would be able to have some of the shock absorbed by those two pillars,” he continued, “I was so close to the bag. Let me get it out of the way.”


It was later discovered the smoke came from a lithium battery in a camera inside the bag that had exploded into flames. It still caused chaos, fears and hours of delay.

Greater Orlando Aviation Authority spokesman Rod Johnson said, “As a result of the incident, a group stop was issued and a number of flights were held while passengers were allowed back into the building and security checkpoints reactivated.”

Perez said he was relieved that it wasn’t a worse-case scenario. 

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