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The Most Unhygienic Part Of A Plane Isn’t Where You Think

Germaphobes get your hand sanitiser out, because what we’re about to tell you will leave you deeply disturbed.

Because apparently the most unhygienic part of a plane isn’t where you think it would be.

Nope, it’s not the toilet.

And no it’s not the handle on the toilet door.

In fact, it’s far closer to home… or rather, where you sit.

You see, according to a flight attendant, the most unhygienic part of a plan is your seatbelt!

Coming in at a close second – the table trays you eat off.

In a Quora thread, a group of flight attendants have spilled all the goss and their revelation is enough to make you never want to buckle up again.

According to The Sun, they’re not lying either, with a Professor in Microbiology and Pathology confirming the claims.

“Once an aeroplane drops off its passengers, [flight attendants] may spray [something] or pick up papers, but no one’s cleaning the tray tables,” Professor Philip Tierno said.

So, gloves on a plane – totally acceptable right?

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