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The One Thing You Should NEVER Do With Your Boarding Pass

Is there any better feeling than heading off on your holidays?

Switching your email response to 'Out of Office,' locking up the house and getting the hell out of dodge, seriously NOTHING quite beats this feeling.

And many travellers are guilty of this next step.

When we arrive at the airport and get ourselves all checked in, the next place we usually head for is the bar.

After we've settled down into our seats, we like to log on to Facebook and share a photo of our smug airport check-ins, strategically placing our drinks beside the boarding pass in a bid to make our mates green with envy.

However it's reportedly extremely easy to access someone's information just from the details on their boarding pass.

Brian Krebs, who specialises in investigative stories on cybercrime and computer security, says that the bar code or QR code contained on a boarding pass can contain information about you, including your future travel plans or your frequent flyer details.

To prove a point one traveller used an online barcode reader to read the code a friend of his had uploaded to Facebook.

Within minutes he could see all future flights his friend had booked and could actually make changes such as cancelling flights or changing seat allocations, as well as accessing his friend's phone number and other details.

But that's the least of your problems, identity theft is also a real possibility.

So think twice before you post that all-important airport check-in pic to Facebook, it could end up costing you a LOT more than you bargained for.

Source Independent

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