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There’s A New FIRST Class Dream Jet With A CINEMA On Board

Imagine a lush, beautiful hotel with the very best amenities and lavish finishes.

Then imagine that hotel can transport you from Sydney to London - or anywhere you want, really.

Well, there’s now a Boeing 787 Dreamliner that’s been converted into a private jet, complete with roomy bedrooms, an ensuite, a dining room, an office area - and a cinema!



Back when it was a regular plane, it carted 335 passengers, but as a Dream Jet, it’ll carry just 40, with plenty of room for each person to lounge and relax.


According to a report on BAVIATION, the Dream Jet is said to have cost upwards of $324 million, thanks to the spacious living room, sound-proof main guest area, master wash room and oversized shower.


Oh - and 16 convertible day beds. Should there be any turbulence, heaven forbid, the furniture has all been made without any sharp edges.


Source: Daily Mail

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