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There’s An Airline Offering Aussies $325 Tickets To EUROPE

If you, like everyone, would LOVE to get yourself over to Europe - well get in line.

Haha jokes.

We actually have amazing news! Budget airline Scoot has brought out a deal that will get you over to Europe for only $325 from Perth and $375 from Sydney or Melbourne.

I KNOW right? Bonkers!


This is not a joke, or a scam either.

The flights aren’t with crappy airlines and a two-day window to use them. They also won’t have you sitting in a teeny seat with no legroom.

Scoot is relatively new to Australia, flying mostly out of China, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore, but their parent airline is Singapore Airlines, so they’re totally legit!

The best news is Scoot says it will be flying you over in a brand new Dreamliner that it’s picking up in April next year.


You also won’t be stung by HUGE fares at the checkout.

All airport taxes are included in your flight costs plus 20kg of luggage and a meal for each leg of the journey, that’s TWO for us Aussies!

The sale ends on November 27, so buy them NOW!

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