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Aussie Women Left With Horrible Injuries After Gumtree Deal

A woman has suffered awful injuries after the skin on her feet, legs and arms were ripped off during a Gumtree sale that went horribly wrong.

Alex, 22, fell victim to two teenage scammers who attempted to rob her after she posted her Gucci belt for sale.

The thieves turned up at her house in Coolbellup in Perth, at 7:30PM on Saturday night and seemed to have no intention of giving Ms Elliott the $290 she had requested.

Alex let the scammers into her house but her neighbours security camera captured the pair leaving 10 minutes later, with the Gucci belt in hand.

One of the thieves was chased into a nearby park by Alex’s boyfriend David but the other thief jumped into a car as Alex grabbed onto the vehicle.

Alex’s feet were caught underneath the vehicle and drove for 250m with Alex hanging from the side of the car. 

Video footage shows Alex clinging on her life as the driver tries to shake her off by swerving and mount kerbs.

According to police, the incident was one of five similar crimes across Perth between 3pm and 7pm. 

All of the incidents involved men arriving at properties to buy items advertised on Gumtree, before making off with the stolen items without paying. 

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