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Image Credit – Mikkel Bigandt/123rf.com

Canberrans are in for more extreme heat today, with an expected top of 39 degrees.

There’s a total fire ban in place across the capital with a severe fire danger rating.

Locals are urged to take extra care and look after one another.

The ACT Ambulance Service has these tips:

- Drink water to ensure hydration levels are kept at a safe level

- Reduce alcohol intake and excessive caffeine as these can have a dehydrating effect

- Wear sensible clothes including a hat and sunscreen

- Avoid strenuous physical exercise in the heat of the day

- Seek air-conditioned environments or shade when outside

- Don't leave children or pets unattended in hot cars

- Call 000 for an ambulance if someone is showing signs of heat stress

Signs for heat stress can include nausea, dizziness, fainting, weakness, headaches, vomiting and the loss of sweating.

Young children and the elderly are the most vulnerable to heat stress.

As for when we’ll get some relief from this heat..

“We’re expecting a top of 37 tomorrow. Dropping down to 32 for Wednesday and 33 for Thursday and maybe a shower or two here and there as well,” Weatherzone meteorologist, Kim Westcott, said.

“By Friday and Saturday and probably into Sunday as well, we’ll notice those temperatures rise back into the mid-thirties for the rest of the week.”

Will it come close to our hottest day of the year we had a couple of weeks ago?

“The hottest day that Canberra’s seen was Friday the 13th when it reached 39.6 degrees which is about 11 degrees over the average for this time of year, and we’re likely to see it again this week.”

So keep cool Canberra and take it easy!

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